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Sprocket preservation cleaning of road bikes for beginners [blog122]

This is the third post in the series of road bikes for begin...
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Road Bike Tire Replacement for Beginners[blog91]

Long days have passed, but here is a road bike story. Since ...

How to wrap bar tape on a road bike for beginners [Blog58]

This time, we would like to talk about the site administrato...

Singing Bird Clock and Glue (Professional)[Blog40]

Singing Bird Clock (with extra) While I was window shopping ...
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New coronavirus experience【Blog34】

This content is a diary of my experiences in dealing with a ...

Castle Ruins, Japanese Sakura and Images【Blog26】

Gokan Castle Ruins Park Sakura Gokan Castle is a castle that...
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Taketori Monogatari(The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter)【Blog23】

<Quoted Image(Panda):O-DAN FREE PHOTO><Quoted Image(Princess...
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Conversation of birds heard while jogging【Blog21】

Conversation Grey wagtail The sun is shining today and there...

Gunma’s three major ume (plum) groves and cycling【Blog14】

The footsteps of spring are getting louder and the days are ...