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Ukraine-Russia & Geneva Conventions【Blog11】

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first of all

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We express our condolences to those who have passed away.

Geneva Conventions?

The treaty is designed to protect victims in the event of armed conflict.

The original “Geneva Convention” was an addition to the Convention on International Law in Time of War.

Treaty is a written agreement between nations

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Main contents of the Geneva Conventions

Human history is a history of constant conflict.

We may not be able to eliminate conflicts (if we could, of course), but we can reduce the number of casualties by pooling our wisdom.

It is a treaty that gives us a sense of humanity, I believe.

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Signatory nation(July 2019)

Number of countries: 196

Ratified by Ukraine August 3, 1954

Russia ratified May 10, 1954

Japan joined on April 21, 1953

<Quoted: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan>


At the end.

There are various treaties on war.

In this issue, we focus on one of these treaties, the Geneva Conventions.

There is no opportunity to know (or tell) about it, and the media has not even mentioned it recently.

As for my way of thinking

× War = absolute denial

○ War = facing with sincerity

We believe that is important.

We hope you will find it useful in your knowledge of the war.

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